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Why should I choose ATOM Academy?
Children can engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities by a few of the best providers in town all under one roof. This provides convenience and saves time.
What is centre like?
Our centre is a brand new building located on the Southside consisting of rooms for art and design, languages, music and martial arts. We also have an indoor astro turf where gymnastics and sports classes are held.
What are your course fees?
Fees vary and will depend on the course(s) enrolled in. Please refer to the Course Details section of our website for the latest schedules. Course fees will be charged 2 months at a time. Fees include a certain number of classes and therefore, no pro rata payment will be accepted. Fees are non-refundable once made. Course fees do not include uniform or supply costs, if applicable.
Can I pay the fees when I start my first lesson?
No, class enrollment is only confirmed once fees are paid in full. To secure your place in the class, fees must be paid 7 days before the first class.
How can I make a payment?
Payment can be settled by cash, EPS, cheque or bank transfer.
Can I transfer the fee of one course to another course?
Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event of dispute, ATOM Academy holds the rights to final decision.
What is your make-up class policy?
A maximum of ONE make-up class will be provided for each month even if the child is absent for more than a day. To be eligible for make-up class, please inform us before the start of the class in the event of absence (please refer to FAQ No.8 for more details). All make-up classes must be taken within two months from the date(s) of absence, and within the paid months. Make-up classes may not follow the term curriculum time and will only be offered in the form of a group lesson. Make-up classes are subject to availability and we will try our best to place the child in a class at the same level. Once the make-up class has been confirmed, no further changes are allowed.
If my child cannot come for the class(es), what way should I inform to?
You can inform us by email: or telephone: 2295 6055. For casual leave: inform 48hours before start of class. For sick leave: inform 3hours before start of class with doctor's note.
Does my child need to come to class when rainstorm/typhoon warning is hoisted?
When Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning Signal / Typhoon Warning Signal No.3 or below is in force, all classes will run as usual. When Black Rainstorm Warning Signal / Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 or higher is hoisted, all classes will be cancelled. No refund or make-up classes are available for weather enforced closure. Classes will resume 2 hours after lowering Black Rainstorm Warning Signal / Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 by the Hong Kong Observatory.
Does my child need to take his/her shoes off for class?
Children will need to take their shoes off in Taekwondo and Gymnastics class. Parents / Guidance will also require to take off shoes and wear socks when entering classroom.
For weekly classes, will there be more than 4 classes per month?
It depends on the number if weeks per month. One class will be held per week for each course (regular term courses).
Will ATOM Academy take photos or film of my child during class?
By accepting to enroll in our courses, the participant accepts that ATOM Academy can freely use all photography, film and sound material without asking further approval. ATOM Academy reserves the right to use the photos, videos, sounds and student's work for promotional or educational purposes. ATOM Academy reserves all rights to images and footages. If you do not wish for your child(ren) to be in marketing/promotional materials, please write to us at