STEM Course Minecraft Education
CodesMine Academy
$2280/ 4 classes
Class Size
Teacher Ratio 1:8
Course Detail

Minecraft is one of the most popular games today. In this course, Minecraft Education is not only a game! It is a wonderful education tool for students to different subjects and through Minecraft. Students will learn about how to use Minecraft for scientific research, use Camera and Portfolio to generate materials for Presentation and Research Reports.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn how to control a character in Minecraft
• Learn the coding in Minecraft
• Understand conditions statements and algorithms in Minecraft
• Define productive resources.
• Apply the use of productive resources as they build a house in Minecraft

Course Highlight:

• Introduce to Minecraft Coding
• Learn if then statements and looping
• Use variables and functions in coding
• Build the transportation system
• Build the own world
• Learn to automate tasks with AI
• Learn to use Redstone Engineering
• Build the Logic Gates with AND OR NOT programming
• Advance coding with functions, arrays, lists
• Build the house with AI programming
• Learn 3D Structures

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